Over the past 20 years, Europe has become one of the most visited and popular travel destinations for Indian tourists.

One of the catalysts in the growth of Indian travelers to Europe was the introduction of Indian food being easily available in European countries, which was first recognized by our founder - Mr. Homiyar Antalia. In the early 1980s Mr. Antalia identified the need for specialized Indian cuisine to cater to the dietary requirements of many of these travelers and the idea of Indian Kitchen Caravans was formed, which eventually revolutionized the way Indian tourists traveled forever. He was a pioneer in ensuring that an Indian traveler could completely enjoy a European tour only by catering to their superior standards of strict Indian vegetarian diets.

Successfully catering to such a niche market for over 20 years has allowed GourmIndia to master the technique of catering Indian cuisine in Europe, delivering excellent service to all of our clients. Partnering with local organizations, we provide quality service in accordance with the appropriate rules, regulations and requirements of each location

After creating a bandwagon effect in Europe with the entering and diminishing of several other companies, GourmIndia today still holds its esteemed place and continues it’s legacy of catering Indian food across Europe. Our company not only caters to the Indian palate but also is slowly changing the mindset of Europeans with regard to Indian food through the expanded distribution channels of our restaurants and catering services all over Europe.

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The concept of Kitchen Caravans was introduced in the early 1980’s. Its main intention was to provide exclusive catering to Indian groups touring Europe. The GourmIndia Kitchen Caravan is a mobile kitchen van that follows the group to each destination, cooking a variety of traditional Indian dishes as per the dietary requirements of the customers. Our chefs compose a different menu for every meal making sure the customer is always satisfied.

The concept of the GourmIndia vans was considered a revolution, providing a customized service, with additional benefits such as:

  • Saving travel time on a busy itinerary.
  • Exclusive dining in garden setting locations.
  • Meals prepared by “maharaj” (Indian chef) experienced in Kitchen Caravans.
  • Catering anytime and anywhere, at your convenience.
  • Freshly prepared meals adapting to various dietary requirements and tastes (Gujarati, Marwari, Kutchi, Hare-Rama Hare-Krishna, Jain, and South Indian).

Today our Kitchen Caravans are useful not only for Indian tourist groups, but also for event catering purposes as well as film production catering. Customers are highly satisfied since they are guaranteed fresh food that is cooked at any desired venue.

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Specializing in event and group catering for over 20 years, we consider this one of our superior services. Catering for anywhere from 20 people to 1000 people, our team and production kitchens are well equipped to manage and deliver high quality services.

Priding ourselves on quality, we believe in serving food HOT & FRESH. This is implemented with the help of our GourmIndia Kitchen Caravans which physically anchor at the venue allowing our team of chefs to cook the recipes “ala minute” and freshly bake the famous Naan/Roti (Indian bread) in an authentic tandoor oven, which can be accompanied with any of our delicious curries or sizzling tandoori dishes. We also specialize in live cooking stations such as Rumali-roti stations, Pani-puri counter, Jalebi counters etc.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries. We will be happy to guide you in planning your catering or any other requests.

Sample menus
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Below are some of the event caterings of the past:

  • Gainwell Katha group, Radisson Blu Zurich – 2012
  • Amway group, Mt. Titlis - 2011
  • Paropkar group, Casino Kursaal,Interlaken – 2011
  • Berger Paints Incentive, Stadhalle Dietikon – 2011
  • MaxNewYork Group, Radisson Blu Zurich and other venues - 2011
  • Merck Group, GourmIndia Rome – 2011
  • Goa Tourism, Hilton Hotel Zurich Airport – 2010
  • Asian Paints Incentive, Laguna Palace hotel Venice & Sheraton Rome – 2009
  • CPHI Trade Fair, Milan – 2008
  • Punj Lloyd, Four Seasons Lisbon – 2008

Whether it is the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower or the Snowy Alps of Switzerland, film productions can be assured that after a tough day of shooting we are ready to feed your crew with a hot Indian lunch on location. Our team is well equipped and flexible, catering to your specific requirements wherever needed.

Our Kitchen Caravans allow our expert chefs to prepare fresh meals catering to all tastes and requirements at any location. Catering for film productions for 20 years, GourmIndia has managed to build its reputation by providing high quality service and working in cooperation with the crew to ensure all elements of the shoot run smoothly.

Our chefs specialize in a range of cuisines from South Indian to Punjabi, allowing us to be flexible and tailoring each meal to the needs and wants of the crew.

We can cater for a crew of 20 or 250 people.

On request we can also provide local European cuisine along with our Indian specialties.

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GourmIndia has partnered with various hotels, tourist attractions and tour operators across Europe to provide Indian food to their visiting clients. With our growing brand in the Indian market our services are considered one of the building blocks to a successful promotional strategy. We guarantee a convenient and reliable co-operation, working together with our partners to create a specialized menu and service strategy for each event/contract. We pride ourselves on quality in providing authentic Indian cuisine, in line with our company mission to achieve superior customer satisfaction.

We believe that blessings from thousands of Indians who have visited our outlets and eaten our food are the reason behind our company success story. One of our most successful and longest standings relationships is with Mount Titlis and Hotel Terrace in Engelberg. Since 1999 we have provided Indian food to guests visiting Engelberg and Mt. Titlis. The famous Bombay Pav-bhaji along with the delicious Chicken curry and homemade Gajjar halwa is a lunch menu that was designed in collaboration with Mt. Titlis. This is always a pleasant surprise for the customers who are thrilled to enjoy such authentic Indian dishes with a backdrop of pristine beauty at 3000 mts.

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Some of our past and present contracts include:

  • Mt. Titlis, Engelberg (since 1999)
  • Hotel Terrace, Engelberg (since 1999)
  • Cheese Farm, Eindhoven (since 1999)
  • NH Group of hotel, Holland (since 2001)
  • Cap15, Paris (2000 – 2002)
  • Hotel Central, Engelberg (since 2007)
  • Hotel Bon Alpina, Innsbruck (1999 – 2003)
  • Druba, Titisee (2005 – 2008)


For more information about our company please send us an email to info@gourmindia.com

Phone: +41416397072

Thank you,
Gourmindia team.